Laser Hair Removal To Relieve Stress Once and For All!

laser hair removal in dubai

Having a very busy work schedule, I would hardly get any time for waxing, shaving or threading, and even when I would, I would not be too pleased with the results, as the hair would grow out again.

My first preference was waxing but it was very painful, time-consuming and expensive to get repeatedly. Shaving only removed the hair that was exposed to the naked eye and not from the root, meaning that the hair would grow back within no time, also making the skin rugged, rough and dark. Hence, I wanted a permanent fix. It was then, that I discovered that Laser Hair Removal in Dubai was being offered at Laser Treatment Clinic.

I booked an appointment at Laser Treatment Clinic and after a consultation session with the dermatologist, I was assured that laser hair removal was the treatment I needed. Before starting the treatment the doctor applied a topical anesthetic on my arms and used a hand held laser device to zap inside the hair follicles containing the hair, this “killed” the hair follicle thereby disabling its ability to grow hair. Because my arms were numb to pain I only felt a slight stinging sensation similar to that of a rubber band being mildly snapped against my skin’s surface.

It took two sessions for the doctor to remove hair from my full arms. After the treatment was done, I saw a little redness and swelling on the treated area, I was advised to avoid the sun, not sit in tanning beds and keep my arms hygienic and clean. Within the next five days, my arms were fully recovered and it has been a year now and I have not seen regrowth.

The laser hair removal process is a tremendously amazing option for those who value their time and money and despise getting hair removal treatments repeatedly. I feel much more self-confident and comfortable at the work place, in formal gatherings and at the beach as I can dress up freely and do not have to hide my arms under pieces of clothing.

I am also considering laser hair removal for my legs and will be booking an appointment soon. As tempting as this procedure seems one must consult an experienced and certified cosmetic surgeon with years of experience in his hands for this treatment as to attain the best results, like I did.

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