Laser Skin Tightening Can Make You Young Again

When we are young, we take our skin for granted but as we, age our skin gets effected with numerous skin conditions such as wrinkling, sagging, age spots and fine lines- and that is when we realize that we had been taking a blessing for granted for so long. With aging, the skin is bound to lose its elasticity that causes it to droop and appear old.

However, thanks to the advances in cosmetic surgery, Laser skin tightening treatments make the skin look and feel firmer and spotless- something that would make you feel young again and this time, you will not take it for granted.

Conventionally, invasive treatments such as a surgical fact lifts, eyelifts or brow lifts were used to regain the skin’s tightness but these methods were long and tiresome with a long healing period. While these treatments are effective, some people feel faint-hearted undergoing the knife. Laser skin tightening is a non-invasive method that rejuvenates the skin whilst remaining on the surface.

The results of laser skin tightening are very natural and patients report that their friends compliment them by saying that they look well rested, happy and fresh. The laser skin tightening procedure works by destroying the top damaged layer of the skin to stimulate the production of healthy collagen. This results in tightening sagging skin and creating definition in your jaw line, eye area, mouth and cheeks. Skin tightening actually stimulates organic cell growth- making your skin look the way it did when you were young.

A combination of light and radio energies is used to penetrate the surface of your skin. While the skin tightening treatment keeps your face cool and comfortable, the deep heat enables the collagen embedded in your epidermal layers, encouraging tightening of the skin’s tissue with a continuous production of collagen.

Once you have undergone the surgery you will see miraculous results. You will notice that your fine lines and wrinkles have disappeared and loose skin has become tighter. It would take about two to three skin treatments to achieve desired results. Your cosmetic surgeon would recommend other products to maximize skin-tightening effects.

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