Laser Skin Tightening – less invasive, more effective

laser skin tightennig

We get wiser as we get old. But there is one effect of aging, most of us do not want. It is loose skin, which makes us look older. We all want to look younger and youthful. Although, there is no way to stop the aging process, there is a way which can make us look years younger without any surgery and side-effects. That spectacular way is laser skin tightening.

To understand why our skin gets loose, we need to know how it stays young. Collagen and elastin fibers are responsible for keeping our skin tight, flexible, and youthful. When we are young, our body can produce enough collagen and elastin fiber to keep our skin tight and firm. As we get older, collagen and elastin fiber in our skin gets weaker and our body is unable to produce enough of these to replenish. As a result, our skin gets loose, and signs of aging start to appear on our face.

There are many creams and skin products claiming to make you younger, but none of them has the ability to stimulate the collagen to make our skin tight and youthful again. They can work by moisturizing and protecting the skin. They can be regarded as useful skin protectors, especially sunscreens, but when it comes to tighten the skin and take off years fromour face, they simply don’t work.

As beauty is more than skin deep, we need something that can stimulate our collagen and elastin fibers beneath our skin. Lasers are very good at this job; they can penetrate our skin, and stimulate the collagen and elastin fibers.

Lasers have been used for cosmetic reasons for some years now, but laser skin tightening is still regarded as a new concept. Lasers are very efficient in making our skin taut and youthful again. They work by heating the collagen deep under the skin. This heat causes our skin to contract. This forces our collagen to start making more collagen which results in tight and youthful skin. The procedure is very fast, it takes less than a half hour for a session.

Some results are evident right after the procedure, but actual results will be apparent after a month or more. As the stimulated collagen will get stronger, your skin will continue to be tighter and youthful. Your dermatologist may recommend multiple sessions to get optimal results. And the good news is that the results will stay with you for many years.

This is a very safe and effective procedure. But remember to choose your dermatologist carefully. Choose a dermatologist who is qualified and has a lot of experience in skin tightening procedure. Most of the people don’t feel any pain, just a painless sensation like snapping of a rubber band across their skin.

Many people choose to have the laser skin resurfacing procedure along with skin tightening. Laser skin resurfacing is used to peel off the outer layer of the skin, to remove skin pigmentation, sunburns, and some type of wrinkles. Ask your dermatologist whether you should choose skin resurfacing along with skin tightening. You can also use our free online consultation by filling the consultation form on our website. Our experienced dermatologists are always happy to help you.

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