Laser tattoo removal – permanent vs. temporary tattoos

laer tattoo removal

I still remember my childhood days, those tattoos in every bubble gum. We used to open every gum with curiosity – what will be inside! Having tattoos is fascinating, especially in our youth days. A tattoo shows our interests, our love, and our passions. Alas! Nothing is permanent in this world. Our interests, love, and passions, all change with time. However, if we decide to have a permanent tattoo, it refuses to change with them.

Temporary Tattoos

There are a number of ways to get temporary tattoos. There are temporary transfer tattoos, henna tattoos, temporary airbrush tattoos, and ballpoint pen tattoos. You can also have a tattoo designed by an artist!

Even if you cannot live without a permanent tattoo, it is a good idea to have it designed by an artist with temporary ink. You can have it for a week and decide whether you really want to go for permanent.

Permanent Tattoos

In permanent tattoos, ink is inserted into the skin. The ink particles are bigger for our immune system to get rid of. That’s why the tattoo stays in place for almost indefinitely – even when you change your mind and want to remove it.

If you already have a permanent tattoo and want to remove it, laser tattoo removal can go a long way to help you. The laser breaks ink particles underneath the skin into micro-particles. Our immune system can then get rid of these micro-particles.

However, even the procedure of laser tattoo removal is not that simple. Different ink types and different ink colors respond to laser differently. Black and blue respond well and are easy to remove while yellow and green can be challenging. Despite this, laser is currently the best solution available to remove tattoos.

There is news that researchers have developed an ink, which is permanent, but in case you change your mind, you can have it completely removed in just one laser session. The availability of this ink is still an issue!So, your best bet – whenever possible, try to keep it temporary.

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