Let’s Get to Know Laser Hair Removal..!

laser hair removal in dubai

Laser hair removal has been a tremendous success since its commercial introduction in mid 1990’s. The dermatology community worked heavily on the specific field and as a result it won the acceptance of dermatologists all around the world. Dermatologists trust laser hair removal a great deal and they do not condemn the introduction of laser devices prepared for consumer self-treatment. Dermatology literature is heavily filled with advancements in laser therapy and laser hair removal. Laser hair removal in Dubai specializes in providing effective treatments for all who want to get rid of extra hair.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair therapy uses pulse of light that targets melanin in hair follicles. Due to its dark color melanin absorbs light. The surrounding tissues are light in color so they do not absorb light and the laser effects only the hair follicles. The best combination for laser hair removal is light colored skin and dark colored hair.

Laser hair removal in Dubai is particularly popular due to its latest equipments and qualified staff. Success of the procedure depends highly upon the expertise of dermatologist and the device used.

The Alternatives of Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis and IPL are competitors of laser hair removal in Dubai. According to a study conducted in ASVAK laser center in Turkey, laser hair removal is more reliable, faster and less painful as compared to electrolysis. IPL or intense pulse light uses xenon flash lamps. A full spectrum light is used to target hair follicles.

Sessions for an Effective Hair Removal

Multiple sessions are required for long term removal of hair. The targeted area of body, skin tone, reasons of excessive hairiness in women, coarseness of hair, skin tone and sex are the criteria that suggest number of laser treatment sessions for a particular patient. Laser hair removal in Dubai suggests a minimum of seven treatments. Patient is asked to wait maximum of eight weeks before the next session of laser treatment. Laser works best for dark colored hair. Light colored hair, red hair and grey hair are challenge for effective laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is also effective for shaving bumps. Lasers destroy ingrown hair that become a reason for foreign body reactions.

Potential Side Effects

Laser hair treatment follows some usual side effects like itching redness and swelling around the treated area. They may last for as long as three days. In some cases acne and skin discoloration occurs.

Laser hair removal in Dubai uses creams for numbing of the area. Pain is minimum. Usually icing of the area relieves any possible side effects of numbing cream.  In some extreme cases burning of skin and hyper pigmentation is reported. Sometimes white spots are formed in the treated area. Chances of side effects can be reduced by selecting right laser type and appropriate parameters. People who are allergic to hair removing gel or numbing cream are more prone to side effects. Scarring, change in skin texture and blistering are the rare side effects.


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