Living Stress-Free With Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal in dubai

Ever since I moved to Dubai, life became very eventful and exciting. There was so much to explore in this wondrous metropolis. From the awe-inspiring architecture, to exquisite fine dining to the picturesque beaches, one could never get bored in Dubai!

One thing that I noticed about Dubai was that the people were always dressed up sharply from head to toe. One would often find oneself glancing at this eye-candy – another effect of this was being pressured to also look great- which had its own advantages.

One particular problem that I had always suffered from was my facial hair. Being a 25 year old woman – this was a major source of social embarrassment for me. I would pluck, tweeze, thread, wax my chin hair but these would leave it red and a bit swollen and it would always look like I had lipstick smeared on my chin.

I even tried electrolysis but the hair came back. My only option now it seemed, was laser hair removal. I was consumed by joy to discover that laser hair removal in Dubai was available at Laser Treatment Clinic. A friend of mine had gotten her arm hair removed with laser hair removal and gave me good reviews of the procedure.

So I booked a session to remove my chin hair. The dermatologist first applied a numbing anesthetic cream on my chin. She then glided laser light into the hair follicles containing this hair thereby killing them and disabling their ability to grow. She targeted several hairs at a time and within 45 minutes the entire area was treated.

It has been eight months since I got laser hair removal and the hair still has not revisited. I feel so much relived whereas previously I had to pluck this hair out every other day. I do not have to hide my face behind my hand or bail out on fun events because of self-consciousness.

I can now enjoy the life that Dubai has to offer without withdrawing myself from public places from the fear of my beard being “seen”

Millions of women are affected by facial hair and I would recommend them to go for laser hair removal, as it is the only permanent solution. And who would know better than me, I have after all, tried every treatment under the sun but only laser hair removal has succeeded me!

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