My experience with laser hair removal in Dubai

laser hair removal in dubai

A neat, clean, hairless body is a feeling of freedom for most of us – freedom to wear anything we want. But not all of us are lucky enough to have hairless bodies. Women like me always spend hours to get rid of unwanted hair. It becomes especially difficult when I have to be ready quickly. I have to attend a party at 8 PM, but got home at 6 PM. Alas! I can’t muster up my courage for a hair removal session. What I can do is, to select a dress which effectively conceals all my hairy parts, and happily attend the party.

One of my friends recently told me her experience about permanent hair removal. This is achieved through the use of laser light. I have heard about laser hair removal, but wonder why didn’t I previously thought having it despite all frustration I had with these ugly looking hairs on my body. Well, better late than never!After hearing this overwhelming experience from the mouth of my friend, it didn’t take more than a few seconds to decide – I am going for it!

She also told me about Laser Treatment Clinic, a cosmetic surgery clinic performing quality laser hair removal in Dubai.As always, I needed detailed information about laser hair removal before lying on the bed. Fortunately, their professionals were more than happy to explain it in detail.

Laser is a form of intense energy which can be targeted very precisely to desired area. Different types of laser are used for different purposes. Hair removal lasers target only dark matter in our skin, like our hair follicles. They can penetrate the outer layer of the skin and heat up the hair follicles and destroy them permanently.

Traditional lasers worked best for people with lighter skin and darker hairs, but new lasers have been introduced which work well for people with darker skin or people with lighter hairs.

I was told that I will need about five treatments, six weeks apart (to match hair growth cycles) to permanently get rid of these hairs. The price was 100s of Dirhams for a session and 1000s for all five sessions. Honestly, at first, it seemed a lot to me!But after a little pondering, I realized that it accounts for a few years of cost I regularly incur on manually removing the hair. It is really cost effective option, and the saving in time and effort is certainly a bonus.

Now all my five sessions have been done, andI am almost hair free.Only small light colored hairs (similar to vellus hair) remain. They are barely visible, and I am not bothered at all by them. A smile comes to my face whenever I think how worry free I am after being hair free!

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