Radio Frequency Treatment for Facial Skin Tightening

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As we grow old, our body undergoes several changes, our metabolism gets slower, we get lazier and the skin tends to loose and starts sagging. The sagging skin makes the body prone to external influence that will eventually lead to skin problems and sagging skin also causes several personality related issues and severe cosmetic conditions as well. Sagging skin is considered as a major sign of aging and it causes the large pores to appear even larger and makes the skin appear dull. There are two major factors that contribute to the facial sagging one is a loss of collagen production and second is considered to be the loss of fatty tissues. Now both conditions can be caused due to the aging process and there are several other conditions that can lead to such conditions. For example disturbed sleeping schedule, medical condition, hormonal change or loss of weight can lead to such health conditions.

The skin sagging is considered a natural process as the skin loses it tightening over the period of time but you can stop the sagging skin and can get facial skin tightening in any part of your life without any incision or without any harm to your body. There are several treatments available at Dubai Laser Skin Treatments Clinic that allow the patient to achieve facial skin tightening but the most common and successful treatment is known as Radio Frequency treatment as it works by remodeling the collagen and the skin tissues to achieve the skin tightening.


Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio frequency treatment in Dubai is considered as ideal skin tightening method as it remodel’s collagen production and cell regeneration to achieve fast results without causing harm in the body. The treatment was developed somewhere in 1967 and has been constantly in use since then, with time it has been improved and it allows the patient to get rid of cosmetic conditions without causing any surgical incision in the skin surface nor it has any downtime or any kind of long term or short term side effect. The best Radio Frequency treatment is done in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah at Dubai Laser Skin Treatments Clinic under the supervision of the board certified dermatologists and cosmetologists. The Radio Frequency machine is capable of penetrating the skin without causing any side effects in surrounding area of the body and it causes remodeling of collagen skin cells to minimize the downtime and since RF rays are capable of spreading on a wider surface, the treatment takes minimum time.



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