Top 3 Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Procedures

laser skin tightening treat

The use of lasers brought revolution in cosmetic procedures. There are two types of lasers skin tightening, Ablative and non-ablative. Ablative lasers produce excellent results with a few weeks of downtime. They peel off the outer layer of the skin, giving a chance to new skin to form. They also stimulate collagen to produce smooth and tight skin.

Fractional CO2 laser is non-ablative version of traditional CO2 laser. It has far less downtime as compared to traditional CO2. The results are very good though. It effectively stimulates collagen to tighten the skin and removes fine lines and wrinkles. These relatively mild lasers are especially good for tightening skin around the eyes. The results are very natural and long lasting – but don’t expect them to last forever, 2-5 years would be a realistic expectation.

Radio frequency (Thermage)

Over the past few years, use of radio frequency to tighten the skin has gained popularity. Radio frequency delivers heat inside the skin to tighten and stimulate the collagen. They are very good to tighten the skin of all body parts, especially jawline, skin around the eyes, and chin. The treatment can be repeated every one to three years to maintain the results.

Focused Ultrasound (Ulthera)

Ultrasound has a lot of uses in the medical field, and its latest innovative use is skin tightening. It has a unique ability to see-through and visualize through the skin to target desired tissues. Desired skin layers are specifically targeted and heated to stimulate the production of collagen, which results in skin tightening in 3-4 months. It can be used on any part of the body, and is most popular for non-invasive eyebrow lift. It is also used to regain definition to the jawline and chin.

There are certain situations where you have to go for surgical procedures to achieve your desired results. But whenever you have a choice, choose non-surgical skin tightening in Dubai. They are easy to have, with more predictable results and less or no downtime.

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