Radio Frequency Treatments to Renew Smooth and Plump Skin

Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio Frequency treatment is an avante garde technology that serves multiple purposes- from cellulite removal to skin rejuvenation to pain relief. It serves to rejuvenate the skin thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

Conventionally people would have to opt for surgical methods such as a neck lift or a fact lift to tighten the skin but those methods were invasive, time consuming and painful. While sagging can be prevented with proper care, once significant sag has occurred a radio frequency device can tighten the skin renewing it to become youthful, fresh and structured again.

This rejuvenation treatment uses radio waves of a certain frequency to penetrate deep into the skin and be absorbed by body tissues. The absorption of radio waves causes tissue heating as well as structural molecular changes.

The radio frequency treatment is usually delivered by placing an electrode onto the skin and applying alternating currents of the required frequency. Resultantly, the skin is treated with controlled doses of targeted radio waves. At the same time, the skin surface layer, consisting of the epidermis and upper dermis, may be cooled by a cryogenic spray to prevent open burns. The heat emitted from the radio device to the dermis, sub dermal layer leads to collagen contraction, and thus skin tightening.

The following healing of the dermal and sub dermal lesions causes further skin tightening, reducing the depth of wrinkles. Hence, since the skin surface is preserved, the downtime after the procedure is short.

Those who have benefited from this treatment have reported to say that they look and feel years younger. This treatment has boosted their self-esteem and enabled them to be more comfortable in social situations. After all, when you feel young and adventurous in the inside why should you appear old on the outside?

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