Skin Rejuvenation for Dark Skin


There are some cosmetic conditions that cause bigger problem than the health conditions, having dark skin is one of those conditions. Loss of confidence, limited participation in events and constant stress are just some of the effects of the dark skin. We live in selfie generation and everyday new applications, software and cameras are being introduced that give us option to enhance our pictures by whitening them, all of this has created complex among the dark skin people. It is psychological proven that stress level is high among the dark skin people just because of their skin color.


Dark Skin

According to health studies and psychological studies there’s no difference between the skin tones and it differs just because of environmental variables and genetic variables. The biggest example of someone who hated his color in history was Michael Jackson as the Hollywood legend hated his skin color so much that he had over one hundred surgeries. It is said that sole purpose of him wearing gloves was because he hated his dark hands. Since the famous Michael Jackson transformation, the trend of skin rejuvenation for dark skin has increased rapidly. Nowadays several iconic cosmetic treatments are available that allow you to correct the dark skin area or the patches without any problem. Some of the treatments are as under:


Treatments for Dark Skin

Dark skin is not a medical problem nor it is anywhere bad, it’s just perception of the society however, dark patches or some dark facial areas don’t look bad and cause cosmetic problems. There are several reasons why it can occur, for example excessive sun exposure can cause darkening in the skin for long period of time and for sports person it is quite normal to have dark skin on exposed parts of the body and it can be easily corrected with the help of cosmetic treatments.

Application of cosmetic treatment differs from skin type to skin type and it depends on the dermatologist/cosmetologist to choose the best treatment according to the patient’s skin. Skin Rejuvenation procedure for dark skin is applicable for 80% of the skin types and works as the following:


Skin Rejuvenation Procedure

The procedure is designed to work with laser treatment machine to boost the skin and decrease the side effects. The treatments works by following procedure

  • Dermatologist/cosmetologist examines the treatment area
  • General aesthetics are applied to treatment area
  • Laser machine is set to required frequency
  • Laser is applied for skin rejuvenation of Dark skin

The treatment takes about an hour to complete and then patient is allowed to leave for home on the same day. Regular routine can be resumed right after the treatment but it is advised to avoid the sun exposure for over a week. Other care includes

  • Not to consume alcohol or any kind of drugs
  • Not to apply makeup on treated area
  • Not to keep the treated area exposed to any kind of rays



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