Skin Tightening For Looking 30 Again!

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Today, I will share with you story of how I revived my appearance to look youthful and beautiful again. I turned 40 last year, and it was a taxing experience for me because I have been accustomed to being a 30 something for ten whole years, obviously!.  It would not have mattered, as 40 years is not that big an age, I mean Cameron Diaz is 40 and look how great she tightening

However, sadly for us “normal” human beings who have been born with genes that are not perfect- I experienced the signs of aging on my face. I was already seeing my skin wrinkle up a bit at 35 but at 40, the problem got worse. I also started developing very loose and lax skin especially in my neck, around the mouth and on my jaw area. I began to look way past 40 actually!

Going to stores to buy tightening creams did not help at all and I have come to the conclusion that creams cannot do anything except for moisturizing the skin. So, one day online whilst looking for solutions for my skin, I came across the laser skin tightening procedure, I read all about the treatment, how it worked, what did it feel like etc and I booked an appointment in a few days.

The procedure feels like a deep relaxing massage actually. The controlled heat from the laser penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin in order to stimulate the production of collagen into the skin for getting rid of any excess skin and enabling the skin to become tight, firm and radiant.

A week after the treatment was done I began seeing visible results. I believe that I looked 10 years younger- my skin was tight, and firm again. All of those nasty wrinkles and saggy skin completely disappeared. I felt like a new person- moreover, those around me started treating me better- like a young woman. It did wonders to improve my self-esteem and I felt the way I felt inside- young and full of life. I would suggest anyone with a similar problem, as I had to go for laser skin tightening, however make sure that you get a certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon for this treatment. Only then will you attain the results that you desire.


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