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Although the medically proven treatment methods were developed five decades ago, Skin whitening treatment has been in use since the dawn of the universe. It is because the flawless skin that is free of unevenness and roughness is considered the mark of beauty and often associated to idealness. Makeup and other skin care products have become a billion dollar industry because people believe that skin whitening contributes to the personality and boosts their self-confidence. It is estimated that everyday sales of skin-whitening products are roughly fifty million dollars which by any accounts is huge and the numbers double on every occasion.

It is psychologically proven that in any random group of people, the chances of hiring the person with skin whitening are seven times more than other people. The skin whitening treatments are of different kinds, from home based remedies to clinical treatments and all of them are practiced equally. The different between home based remedies is that they allow the patient to get rid of skin related issues and achieve the skin whitening at home without putting any burden on their pocket but usually the home based remedies are considered as long-term process and can take from 3 months to one year to show proper results whereas the skin whitening treatments that are clinical based provide instant results and allow the person to get rid of every kind of cosmetic condition in just one treatment. There are two types of clinically based procedures available nowadays.


Surgical Treatments for Skin Whitening

Surgical treatments are those clinical treatments that require an incision in order to achieve skin whitening effects on the body of the patient. The most important part of the surgical treatments is that they are invasive and they require a lot of downtime in order for the treatment to be successful. The patient is usually sedated in order to numb down the pain that is caused by the incision and surgery procedure. Skin whitening has been used with Surgical treatments like facelift by the celebrities in the past to achieve the contoured shape of the body along with skin whitening. Michael Jackson, for example, had undergone the number of skin whitening treatments to fair his skin and used to stay in bed for several months after his surgeries.


Non-Surgical Treatments for Skin Whitening

Non-surgical treatments are those treatments that provide the patient with skin whitening results without causing any incision or any invasion in their body. The non-surgical treatments allow the patient to get rid of several problems that are felt during the surgical treatment and get fast results without any side effects. Non-surgical clinical treatments are relatively new but have been greatly successful. Dubai Laser Skin Treatments Clinic is the expert in non-surgical skin whitening treatment and provides treatment under the supervision of qualified dermatologists in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. The non-surgical treatments are free of downtime and provide great results without causing much trouble. Some of the non-surgical treatments are as under

  • Laser treatment for skin whitening
  • Micro needling skin whitening treatment
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Ultherapy
  • Chemical peels
  • Oxygen facial

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