Best Treatments to Lighten Skin Color

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Skin color determines half of your personality and sadly the skin loses its real color and tone over the years. The body undergoes several changes throughout the life and especially the puberty period causes a disturbance in the skin so much that people lose their real tone of the skin and it cannot be gained back unless proper treatment is applied on the body. The biggest factor contributing to the skin color and tone of the body is said to be exposure to the sunlight. Sun tanning to some extent is considered healthy but excessive sun exposure can lead to darkening of the skin and can cause sunburns as well.

Skin cells are known to replace themselves after every twenty-eight days to three months and the new cells inherit the characteristics of the old ones so if you get dark skin pigmentation in any part of life, the chances of your skin cells inheriting the dark pigmentation and keep the skin texture pigmentation for the lifetime are high. There are several treatments that are available in the market, some of them are home-based and other are clinical based but only a few of them return quick results and are free of downtime. There are nonsurgical and noninvasive treatments that can provide good results in short time and that’s why Dubai Laser Skin Treatments Clinic is recommended for best treatments to lighten skin color.

Dubai Laser Skin Treatments Clinic is equipped with state of the art facilities and every kind of cosmetic equipment to offer the patients with best treatments for skin whitening in Dubai. There are several treatments such as oxygen facial, chemical peels, laser treatment and Ultherapy that can provide patients with a quick lightening of skin color. The working procedures of these best treatments to lighten skin color are as under;


Chemical Peels

The most successful treatment that has downtime of over a week is known as chemical peels treatment. It is considered as one of the best treatments to lighten skin color of the patient and it works on every skin type and skin color. The treatment is directly applied on the whole surface of the treatment and it causes a new formation of the skin dermis and removes the older infected skin. The formation of new skin layer takes about average of four days but the time varies based on the treatment depth.


Laser Treatment

The laser is directly applied on the treatment area to hit the dermis of the skin without causing any effects on surrounding area of the treatment. The laser successfully eliminates the dark patches and skin darkening ingredients and initiates the collagen production to quickly heal the area without causing any downtime in the treatment. The patient has to wait 36 hours to get the results but they are permanent in nature and powerful.


Oxygen Facial

It is considered as the most powerful treatment in terms of skin lightening and they provide the best care without causing any deformities or side effects in the body. The oxygen facial treatment in Dubai introduces oxygen in the outer layer of the skin and it clears the pigmentation of the skin and strengthens collagen production along with cell regeneration to heal the skin quickly. The lightening skin color effects are quick with this treatment and they also allow the patient to wear makeup right after the treatment. In terms of discovery, treatment is relatively new as compared to old treatment methods; It was founded in 2002 as chemotherapy machine but got popularity as celebrity treatment due to its fast effects.



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