Stop Hiding Behind Your Acne Scars with Acne Scars Treatment

Acne scars, which are indentations in the surface of the skin, are no less than a bad hex. I am someone who has had awful acne scars on his face ever since I was a teenager. They make the skin look unhealthy and rugged. And no matter how good looking your face or body is, your acne scars would always outshine – in a negative way.

The cause of my acne scars was hereditary but I was not particularly taking great care of my skin either. I started taking care of my skin and after a while, I did notice that the situation became a little better but the acne scars were not completely gone. Then one day, a friend of mine told me about acne scars treatment, which is done with the help of laser. She told me that it was the only way of getting rid of a problem so grave.

I was hesitant at first upon hearing of this treatment but after doing some research online and looking at the before and after photos of the patients I was convinced that this was the treatment I wanted. Many kinds of laser’s resolve acne scars but the one that my dermatologist used for my treatment was the fractional co2 laser- this special kind of laser works in fractions of the skin and removes the top scar ridden layer to reveal a smooth, fresh and radiant skin.

Since my acne scars were very severe, I needed four treatments before I saw visible results- my skin was very smooth with only very minute signs of acne scars. All of my friends noticed this new change in my appearance and I was heavily complimented. People actually started noticing that I was good looking after treatment whereas before I was only known as someone with a scarred face! My self-confidence highly boosted after treatment and I began feeling great about myself.

Many of my friends with acne problems ask me whether the treatment was painful since a laser treatment involves burning off the epidermis to reveal a new layer. Well, no it was not painful because only small divisions of the skin are treated at one time with the fractional co2 laser. Secondly, the doctor makes sure to apply some topical anesthetic to your skin and you have to wait 35 minutes until your skin becomes numb to pain. I only experienced very mild sensations- although the buzzing of the laser was annoying but I listened to music on my I-pod to avoid that.

My skin was red for four days after treatment but after that, I began seeing brand new crystal clear skin formulate. This treatment also enables natural collagen production that keeps nourishing your skin to look great even after the treatment is done. This treatment could be the best thing that happens to you given that it suits your skin type.

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