The truth about fat melting

fat melting

Whenever we search internet for cosmetic surgery, it seems that there is an innovative and cutting edge invention every other day! With so many inventions, it is obvious to get confused.

We are hearing a lot about fat melting nowadays. Like many cutting edge technologies, fat melting can be confusing for an ordinary person like you and me. That’s why I did some research and met some doctors to provide you the information in a non-confusing manner.

The first question – what is fat melting? Search this question, and you will get dozens of different answers, from creams to dresses, from pills to injections, from diet to exercise, and from lasers to radio frequency.

Some research, when combined with a little common sense, reveals that the creams, garments, belts, and everything in this category has little basis, if any. Even if we believe that they melt some fat by heating, this fat is destined to be reabsorbed by surrounding body parts. Our body is not going to get rid of this fat by excreting – and why should it? The only way to get rid of this fat is by converting it into energy – burning the fat –and it is only possible if we are in a calorie deficit mode. That means we are consuming less calories than needed, and our body can utilize these calories to balance out our caloric requirements. And by the way, if our body is in the caloric deficit mode, it can burn fat on its own – it does not need any melting technique before it can burn the fat.

Laser assisted liposuction is another story however. Smart Lipo is the first laser which got FDA approval to be used for fat dissolution. According to FDA documents, this laser is intended for the surgical incision, removal, vaporization, ablation, and coagulation of tissues, and for laser assisted liposuction. Here’s how laser assisted liposuction works.

  • Local anesthesia is used to numb the place
  • A small incision, about the size of the tip of a pen, is made
  • A laser fiber is inserted into the body through a very small tube
  • The laser ruptures the membrane of fat cells
  • The fat cells are destroyed permanently
  • The liquefied fat is suctioned gently
  • The skin is tightened by collagen stimulation

The difference between laser assisted liposuction and other procedures is obvious. Laser assisted liposuction does not assume that melted fat will be excreted by the body on its own. It actually sucks it out as soon as it is melted by laser.

Before you form the final opinion about having a procedure, I strongly recommend consulting a qualified and experienced surgeon, and asking him the suitable procedure for you.

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