Tightening skin pores through laser treatment

Pores are important for the skin as they keep the skin hydrated and breathing. However, very large pores can be unpleasant to look at. Large pores are prone to forming black heads and pimples. They also stand out more when you apply heavy makeup.skin tightenning

Most people wish to achieve a porcelain-like of skin that has very tiny pores. Tiny pores also indicate youth and beauty, whereas large pores signify age and oily and unhealthy skin. The cause of large pores is the enlargement of the opening of the oil gland onto the skin. People with oilier skin tend to have larger pores. Also, older people have enlarged pores as decreased production of collagen hinders to provide a good structure for the skin.

New laser treatments offered at Laser Treatment Clinic help to tackle the problem of large pores. This treatment works to produce new collagen, which supports the oil glands and actually squeezes or constricts the pore itself by compressing the opening of the pore onto the skin.

Two commonly used laser treatment methods are the ablative and the non-ablative method. In the non-ablative method, a fractional erbium laser is used to treat the skin. Your skin will change color immediately after treatment for a day or two, as there is no down time. The lasers go deep into the skin to stimulate your skin to produce new collages compressing the pores.

In the ablative method-, the doctor actually uses laser to peel off the top layer of skin that contains large pores. The new fractional laser used for this method is much more gentle- however, your skin would be red after peeling for 5-7 days and would require you to take extra care of it.

You should consult the certified surgeons at Laser Treatment Clinic to discuss your pore related problem- it may be the solution that you have been looking for!

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