Tips for Dark Circles Treatment

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The eyes are the window to the soul and the windows to tell how well you manage yourself. But what about dark circles under eyes! Definitely, they say that you need to take care of yourself. They appear as signs of aging and unhealthy living. Here are some simple tips that will help you in getting rid of dark circles or at least minimizing them.

Get sufficient sleep

For most of the people, proper night’s sleep is the best dark circles treatment. If you sleep less than how much your body requires, you are most likely to develop dark circles. In addition, it is said that you develop dark circles when you take too little time to lie down. Usually, a person needs 7 to 9 hours sleep each night. But it may vary according to your body need and daily routine. Abstain from alcohol and drugs because they adversely affect sleeping habits of a person.

Fix allergies

Allergies cause skin discoloration under eyes. If you have an allergy, treat it immediately. Consult your doctor who would help you by diagnosing the cause of your allergy and prescribe the right medicine. Usually allergies can be treated easily with some over-the-counter medicines. It would be the best if you can remove the allergen. Moreover, people who develop allergies are mostly vitamin B6 and folic acid deficient. You need to take your allergy seriously.

Get rid of nasal congestion

A blocked nose may result in dark circles around your eyes because the veins from your eyes to your nose get dilated and darken as a result.

Stick to healthy diet

Poor dietary routine is the root cause of thousands of diseases and disorders including many skin conditions. Dark circles and puffiness around eyes are often attributed to vitamin K deficiency and insufficient antioxidants. Lack of B12 in body also causes dark circles. Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables, and take vitamin supplements if you are vitamin deficient. Moreover, too much salt intake may cause blood vessels under the skin to appear bluer and you see circles under eyes.

Quit smoking

Smoking is always a NO if you want to lead a healthy life. It gives rise to vascular problems that do not only threaten life but also bring various diseases and disorders with it. Smoking causes blood vessels to appear more prominent and bluer.


Relaxing helps getting rid of stress that may prevent you from sleeping properly. Skin beneath your eyes is very sensitive and it responds quickly when you feel stressed. It reflects all physical and emotional ailments. Some sleep or just lying down can do great for your eyes and dark circles alike.

Accept happily what you cannot change

Last but not least, accept what you have got if you cannot change it. Sometimes dark circles are just too sticky to get rid of and you feel low hearted and disappointed. You can hide them in a thin layer of make-up or through shades sometimes.

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