To Tattoo or not to tattoo

laser tattoo removal

The tattoo you got years ago might felt thrilling at that time, but if you are one of the growing number of people, you probably wish it would disappear the next morning you wake up!

Lasers have made the tattoo removal processa lot easier, but still it takes money, time and patience to have your tattoo removed.

Mark Wahlberg, a famous American actor, film and television producer, is known to make his children aware of their heritage by taking them to visit his old neighborhood in Boston. He is now educating his children by taking his two older kids to his laser tattoo removal sessions. “Putting make up on and covering up my tattoos has always been a pain in the butt, and I don’t want my kids getting tattoos” he commented.

There is good – very good in fact – news for people who can’t resist the thrill of having a tattoo. Doctors have come up with a long-lasting ink that doesn’t have to last a lifetime. This is termed “regret-free tattoo” and can be dissolved in only one laser session.

People yearning for body art designs previously had two choices – get temporary transfer tattoo, which lasts for a week or plunge into the permanent thing. Thanks to erasable ink, developed with the help of Harvard Medical School dermatologists, they can have a tattoo of their dreams with peace of mind that it can be erased in one laser session.

Laser tattoo removal with traditional ink requires multiple sessions to effectively remove the tattoo.

In the case of erasable ink, the ink is enclosed in microscopic polymer capsules, which can be injected into the skin with regular tattooing needles. As long as the color stays inside the capsule, the tattoo remains in place. And when a laser beam is applied to tattoo, it breaks down the capsules and the ink escapes.This ink is naturally removed by the body. The microencapsulation process has already been used in medicine.

No matter what kind of ink is used in tattooing, laser tattoo removal is the best method available to remove tattoos, and it is expected to remain so in near future.

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