Top 3 Most Wanted Celebrity Skincare Treatments!

Who doesn’t always want to look young, fresh and glowing? The need is quadrupled when you are part of showbiz where you have to spend half of your time in front of the camera and the other half socializing and mingling at the towns glitziest events. A wide variety of skincare treatments offered at dermatologist’s facilities that help to rejuvenate skin are must-haves for the stars. Here’s a look at the top three most wanted celebrity skincare treatments

Anti- aging Treatments skin care treatments
Anti-aging treatments such as the use of multiple vitamins, botox injections, peels, exfoliation and laser-based therapies are some of the favorites amongst celebrities to achieve a youthful skin. Living in 3 layers of makeup with powerful lighting can cause a drab on the skin- however, whenever you look at a celebrity their skin seems flawless- it is these anti-aging treatments that make the skin wrinkle and sag free, tight and spot-free again. A mixture of vitamins is used as they help fight chronic fatigue as well as provide the skin a nice glow. Anti- aging treatments are favorites amongst Oprah Winfrey, Vanessa Williams and Simon Cowell to name a few.


Microdermabrasion is the application of tiny abrasives-usually crystals and diamonds to gently remove the top damaged layer of the skin to reveal a smooth, clear and radiant skin. This procedure is painless and leaves very little redness (unlike chemical exfoliants) It is no wonder that this treatment is a top favorite amongst the drop dead gorgeous Supermodels Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, and Candice Swanepole.  They undergo these treatments before strutting the runways. This treatment is complimented with a gentle laser treatment that encourages fibroblasts to produce new collagen. The results are a fresh new skin with a long-lasting buildup of collagen.

Oxygen facials

What is the secret to Madonna, Eva Longoria and Naomi Campbell’s lustrous and youthful skin even in the 37 to 50 age bracket? The answer is oxygen facials! Oxygen facials purify the skin of any bacteria or impurities. It also helps to soften the skin from any buildup that happens over time.  As deficiency in oxygen accelerates the aging process, oxygen facials revitalize the skin also increasing its immunity. The whole procedure is like a relaxing massage with the cool oxygen blowing on your skin. The results are a much more youthful, and blemish free skin. Oxygen also fights oil and dirt in the skin thereby renewing the skin to look more plump and neither oily nor dry- just perfect!

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