What is the best laser for laser hair removal in Dubai?

laser hair removal in dubai

Everybody wants the best! Don’t they? I would be more than happy to proclaim my favorite laser machine as the best, and write a bulleted list of its advantages but the fact is – it depends from person to person.

Traditionally, lasers have worked effectively for people with light skin and dark hairs. Nowadays, lasers can work well on all skin colors and even for people with tanned skin.

Besides brands, the suitability of a particular laser type depends on the color of your skin and the color of your hair. Some people have lighter skin while some have darker. Similarly, some people have darker hair while others have lighter. The type of laser is more important than the brand, because it needs to match your skin and hair color to be effective and free of side effects. Here are four types of FDA approved lasers that are used to remove hair. They must be matched appropriately with your skin and hair color to be effective and avoid serious side effects.

The Ruby Laser

This is the original laser to remove unwanted hairs. It is deep red in color with a wavelength of 694nm, and it is well absorbed by the melanin in hair, which makes it an excellent choice for fine and light hair. However, because melanin is present in the skin also, this laser cannot be used on the patients with dark or tanned skin. If used on dark skin, it can cause damage to it. Ruby has slow repetition rate and relatively small spot size which makes the hair removal procedure a long one. That’s why it has become less popular in recent years.

The Alexandrite Laser

Alexandrite produces reddish light and has large spot size (up to 18 mm) and high repetition rate. This makes it the fastest hair removal laser and it is suitable for rapid treatment of large body areas in patients with olive or light skin. It takes less than 30 minutes to treat the entire back.

The Diode Laser

It consists of a high power laser diode; emitting invisible (infrared) light at a wavelength of 800-808nm.The longer wavelength enables deep penetration into the skin and provides safety for darker skin, but with less effectiveness for lighter and finer hair. It has smaller spot size which means a longer treatment.

The long pulse Nd:YAG

This is suitable for almost all skin types including tanned skin. It has a large spot size and fast repetition rate, which allows larger areas to be treated quickly. But it is less effective in removing fine and light hairs.

IPL devices are also used to remove hairs; although, they cannot be categorized as lasers.

There are a lot of clinics (or sort of clinics) performing laser hair removal in Dubai, but don’t think of lasers as a facial, manicure, or pedicure. This is a serious procedure and should only be performed by a qualified and experienced professional. You want to get rid of your unwanted hair – not your skin after all.

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