Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Face

facial Laser hair removal

No doubt, facial hairs are just irritating and annoying for every woman and for some men also. They destroy your looks and confidence. You never feel comfortable and relaxed when you know that you are not fulfilling the norm that all the women around the world follow by tweezing or threading their facial hair. Excessive hairiness on arms, legs or other parts of the body is also disturbing but facial hairs are just the worst because they damage your outlook and deliver a bad impression on others. So, is there any way to get rid of the unwanted stubble? Does laser hair removal work on face as well? Continue reading to know the answers to your questions.

Threading, tweezing and waxing are some of the methods that women have been using since long to remove unwanted facial hair. These are most widely used techniques that any woman can benefit from without a professional’s assistance. However, these hair removal methods have a downside that they need to be repeated every now and then. It takes around one or two weeks after threading or tweezing for the hair to appear again. Means you need to repeat it every week. Some women use epilators that are small devices which pull out hairs from the root. While they are quick and easy to use, they may cause significant amount of pain and they also need to be repeated once a week or at most once every two weeks.

Laser hair removal for body, face or any other part of the body has got its approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is one of the modern treatments that are quite a success for facial hair removal. It is a proven cosmetic procedure for permanent hair reduction. Some significant features of laser hair removal in Dubai are

  • It is fast, more reliable and less time consuming than traditional hair removal methods.
  • Lasers use heat to destroy hair follicles so that they cannot produce hair any longer.
  • It only affects hair grafts which are in their active hair growing phase, dormant follicles remain unaffected!
  • Repeated treatments are needed to damage all the hair follicles responsible for unwanted facial hair growth.
  • Number of facial hair removal sessions depends upon multiple factors. Usually seven sessions are required for a successful treatment, but this can be more or less.
  • Follow up sessions once or twice a year may be needed to maintain results after achieving desired facial hair reduction.
  • People who have light colored skin and dark coarse hair are the best candidates for laser treatment. However, with modern laser systems laser hair removal for dark skin is no more risky
  • Success of a laser treatment with minimum side effects depends upon the skills of the dermatologist. Only a skilled and experienced dermatologist knows how to set laser parameters with varying needs of every patient.
  • A carefully done laser treatment sets you free from the weekly ordeal of threading or tweezing which is not only painful but also takes much of your time.

Laser hair removal for face in Dubai has gained tremendous popularity off late. It is easily tolerable and more effective than other hair removing methods like electrolysis for hair removal. Come visit Dubai Laser Skin Treatments Clinic to get a fuzz free face safely and permanently. We also offer free online consultation to answer your queries instantly.

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