Skin Tightening with Laser

skin tightenning with laserThe skin is one of the most elastic parts of our body and as we age, it starts to sag and wrinkle due to facial muscle movement and the forces of gravity. You can determine a person’s age just by looking at how tight their skin is and most people want to look younger than they are.

Skin tightening is something that has been dreamed of throughout history especially for people of middle age and above. Home remedies as well as cosmetic creams and serums are available that promises to revitalize your skin. However, none of these actually makes a difference despite their high costs.

Facelifts and chemical peels are typically performed with the aim to tighten the skin however; the most avante garde of all procedures is laser skin tightening. Laser skin tightening is increasingly popular as it is virtually painless and requires no down time.

It works to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production, which is a protein responsible for providing the skin a firm and tight structure, as well as glow and clearness. Laser skin treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and other effects of skin laxity.

Laser skin tightening in Dubai can treat multiple areas of the body such as the face, neck, abdomen, arms, thighs, legs and buttocks. In fact, it may be a better substitute for a liposuction or a tummy tuck as it less invasive and quick with a much shorter recovery period. Most people worry whether this treatment would be painful and what risks are involved.

The doctor uses a laser device to apply quick pulses of laser light on the skin that feels like a rubber band lightly snapping to the skin. Most patients say that the pain is minimal and bearable. The normal side effects experienced immediately after treatment and some redness and swelling of the skin, these would recede within a couple of days after treatment.

In rare cases patients have experienced a change in skin pigmentation and bruising. However, the average patient only experiences some redness, which subsides within a couple of days after which the patient can quickly resume to daily activities.

It is important to have a certified surgeon perform this surgery on you who would examine your skin thoroughly before the procedure and promise the safest and most effective results.

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